• 1. No Party Fund (Cash less party)
  • 2. No Karyakarthas
  • 3. No Regional Offices
  • 4. No Procession / Rallys / Banners / Gatherings
  • 5. No Blame Games
  • 6. No False Promises (Improper Manifesto)
  • 7. No Drama of Protests to Inconvenience People
  • 8. No Drama of Social Service to Fool People

In a pure form of democracy we need,

  • Honest Workers (candidates)… who should work for mere salaries.
  • Honest Voters (people)... who should vote for true ideologies.






English Connecting with peoplePooling / collecting details on problems, needs and demands from thepeople with urgent, moderate and low priority andcollect the ideas and suggestions of intelligent people separately. Prajaakeeya PR should not take any decision without people's verdict received through polling. If any decision is made without people's verdict or variation to this verdict, it shall be appropriately justified with proper documentation.Presenting in Assembly Working with Administration Follow up with Local Bodies Public VerdictPlan “B” CONTINUE CORRECTIONS Polling for PRPerformanceAppraisal Positive Result Negative Result PLANNINGProject (Budget with Activity Based Costing)& Work completion - Time schedulesPolling for Public Opinion UsingTechnology& MediaGovernment Structure & Volunteers PublicContactCentre ComplaintBoxes Personal Meetings (Gram &Ward Sabha) PR will get one or maximum two more chance to improve his work and get positive verdict from public. If he is unsuccessful then he should resignPR should submit polling details(visual documents of his work)and people’s verdict to UPP partyPR should make a list of all Central & State Government schemes, projects & privileges which are useful to the people and present it to themOur ultimate aim is to bring Blockchain technology in all stages of Governance for complete transparency. Segregation of issues / ideas with the expert's adviceRewards &Recognitionsfor good andimplementable ideasOngoingProjectsNewProjectsPlan “A”Plan “B”Plan “C”Plan “D”Execution of Work by PR with complete transparency authenticated by visual documentary evidence for presenting final report to the peoplePeople InvolvementPR & Others InvolvementPeople Representatives Involvement

I am not an ordinary citizen, I am an "extraordinary citizen" who is aware that the government is running with my money (direct and indirect taxes).

  1. I need a break from this dirty business politics of politicians using money, caste, religion, false assurances, paid campaigns, etc. I don't want leader (Nayaka) or servant (Sevaka), I need employee representatives to work for salaries.
  2. The employee representative must be in constant touch with me (in person or using technology) to know what are my issues and demands to resolve it with transparency.
  3. From time to time he must inform me about Government plans, privileges, facilities and help me to make use of these.
  4. The video recordings/authentic documents of the work done by the employee representative should be submitted to me frequently.
  5. If I am not satisfied with my employee on his/her work and my employee / People Representative (PR) is unable to substantiate video evidences explaining the reasons for such... Poor work ... he will be warned to improve 1 or 2 times.. and if he still doesn’t improve he will be asked to resign .


True democracy means people involving in all aspects of governance and administration. Uttama Prajaakeeya Party is your party, which means.... You are the party's High Command. Hence your involvement and your decision is final in the entire process of party’s candidate's....

Selection - Your decision
Election - Your decision
Correction - Your decision
Rejection - Your decision
Promotion - Your decision

Hence, from this party....
Your Village (Gram Panchayath), Your District (Zilla Panchayath), Your Taluk (Taluk Panchayath), Your Ward (Corporator / Councillor), Your Vidhana Sabha constituency (MLA / MLC), Your Lok Sabha constituency (MP) & your Ministers and Chief Minister…. You have to decide who should be the candidate....
There will be a very simple and transparent way for you to participate and decide in this process....


Aspirants intending to contest the various elections (Village, District, Taluk, Ward, MLA, MP, etc.) from UPP should take this 'Voters Recommendation Letter' to the people of their constituency to show & inform them about Prajaakeeya Ideologies and collect their names, phone numbers with signature.
Candidate Name:.............................. Field/Election:......................... Ward/Village.............................. Name: ....................................... Signature ....................................... Ph. No:....................................... Name: ....................................... Signature ....................................... Ph. No:....................................... As per the UPP s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), I will be in contact with you through various platforms for your involvement in Governance by simple and authentic Polling/voting process.... 1. Will be in continuous contact with you. 2. List out all your demands. 3. As per your requirements / demands, work out diferent optional projects with timeline, budget, quality and durability in consultation with subject matter experts, which will be presented before you for approval. 4. As per your approval and feasibility final project will be executed under complete transparenc y . 5. Will submit all the authentic and visual documentation of the projects to you showing all the aspects of project being carried out under complete transparency. 6. By simple polling/voting process done by me and UPP once in every six months, I will continue to work / correct / resign as per your decision. 7. As a Prajakarmika (Peoples Employee), abide to all the decisions made by you in the next Five Years. -Signature of the Aspirant If you believe that the above Aspirant is eligible and abide to all of the above, do recommend this person to get the ticket from Uttama Prajakeeya Party tocontest in this election. - Upendra (Founder President, UPP) SPECIAL NOTE: The ticket will be issued by Uttama Prajakeeya Party only after the scrutiny of the above documents proposed by the aspirants, If three or four aspirants bring the proposal of public support, the person with the most support will be selected. If found that the public support is polled by using a different means apart from the Prajakeeya Ideology then the later will be considered. This is a selection process and not a competition. No matter whoever is nominated, the people should be told by Aspirant to support the candidate whoever selected by UPP. +91 98453 96204 | 98453 96804 www.prajaakeeya.org #7A, Sumane, 1 st Cross, 6 th Block, Kathriguppe, Banashankari 3 rd Stage, Bengaluru - 560085 Regn. No.56 / 108 / 2018-18 / PPS-I dated 08.05.2018
They should upload duly signed document once the respective election dates are announced on our official website www.prajaakeeya.org and bring the originals to crosscheck when called for interview.

UPP party gives ticket to the candidate whom you have chosen (as per the majority public demand) You will elect that candidate yourself in the upcoming election.

Further, a public opinion poll will be conducted once in six-months by candidates and UPP, people can put him to correction process if they think that people representative deserves one more opportunity to correct himself / herself. If not, you can reject the people representative (since there is no such clause in our constitution, a protest from UPP President along with people can be taken up to demand a legal amendment to the constitution to Reject or Right to call back an ineligible people representative constitutionally).

If you like the job of a people representative, then you can dictate him / her to continue and also promote to a higher post in public opinion poll.

Like this your involvement / opinion through a political party and later in governance and administration with a simple and authentic polling / voting can only bring the real change and progress in your life and your family’s future with your own hard earned tax money that should be properly used for your needs.

Jai Prajaakeeya,



  • Your Issues
  • Your Demands
  • Your Grievances
  • Your Suggestions and Ideas
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“I want a clean and disciplined Government like this and I am ready to take it forward”

- Candidate

“I am ready to give my vote to anybody who is committed to these values in any election”

- Voter



Become a UPP Candidate

Anybody who knows PRAJAAKEEYA ideologies and abide by it can become a UPP candidate for various elections…

Become a UPP Candidate

Anybody who knows PRAJAAKEEYA ideologies and abide by it can become a UPP candidate for various elections…

Become A Supporter of UPP

Every Citizen of India and State of Karnataka can become Member of UPP without any prejudice. UPP is a Less Cash Party with No Party Funds, No Membership Fees and No Donation Accepted. UPP is totally based on truth and facts.
  •  Uttama Prajaakeeya Party is created for people

  • You can directly participate by contesting in elections or you can merely support UPP

  •  Anybody can spread Prajaakeeya (Prajaa Prabhutva) ideologies & support UPP

  •  Collecting or spending Money is strictly prohibited

  •  Anybody who believes that he can be a Leader can become a supporter of UPP (Believing in other leaders is Raajakeeya)

  •  Anybody can spread this awareness with his family, friends, colleagues, neighbours & others

  • Any extra time you get can be used to spread prajaakeeya ideologies by communicating personally or Using various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, Telegram, Linkedin, etc, without sacrificing your daily routine



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