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As voters, this is our party

Since Uttama Prajakeeya party

is Voter’s party, here:


It is a Cash less Party (No party fund) Party does not collect cash / funds in any form.

(Inevitable expenses for function of the party borne by party president only)


No Karyakarthas.


No regional offices / branch offices.


No Processions / Rallies / Banners / Aggregations (crowds gathering) etc.


Candidates who contest in elections are advised to limit themselves to minimal expenses only.


No blame games

(We believe in finding solutions instead of blaming)


No False promises.


No protests for political benefits.


No activities in the name of social service for political gains.

In the pure form of democracy we need,

  1. Honest Workers (candidates)… 

    who should work for mere salaries.

  2. Honest Voters (people)… 

    who should vote only for true ideologies.

My Party’s Manifesto

as a voter is :


My Requirements


My Demands


Solutions that I desire


My ideas

Since Uttama Prajaakeeya Party is a dedicated voter’s party, here voters are the leaders. There is no culture of leadership here. We require and follow the culture of ‘Uttama Prajaakaarmikas’ (good workers) who carry out their duties as suggested by the public.

To Satisfy and execute my manifesto I like to have elected public representatives who are ‘Uttama Prajaakaarmikas’ willing to give good governance through ART of Governance principles stated by Uttama Prajaakeeya Party.







For this purpose, the Elected representative should adopt the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure

of People’s Representative (Watch this S.O.P Video)

In Uttama Prajaakeeya Party, VOTERS are the High Command

For elections of suitable candidate’s


Selection - My Decision


Election – My Decision


Corrections – My Decision


Rejection – My Decision


Promotion – My Decision

For this a simple and transparent method to be followed by aspirant / candidates:"Voters Recommendation Letter".

Voters Recommendation Letter

Watch below video and follow the same.

Aspirants wishing to contest in any elections with a ticket from Uttama Prajaakeeya Party should download the voter's recommendation form from the Party's official website immediately and start meeting the voters of their constituency. They should explain the content of the form and take their signature of consent. This entire process should be video recorded along with pictures, the same has to be uploaded on the aspirants Facebook pages regularly. (Keep your Facebook account open to public).

When Uttama Prajakeeya Party invites/ calls for applications from the candidates who want to contest in various elections, the interested candidate who adhere to the principles of Prajaakeeya should login to the website of Uttama Prajaakeeya Party and link their Facebook account (Facebook link should be open for public view) and submit the application as a candidate aspirant for the elections.

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Download Voter Recommendation Letter

MLC - Karnataka Legislative Council Elections

Attention Graduate and Teacher Voters:-

Karnataka MLC-Vidhana Parishad Election is going to be held in upcoming June 2024... Registration is mandatory for all graduates and teachers to vote / qualify in this election. Last date for voter registration process is 2023 November 6.. Fill up Voter Form 18 for Interested Graduates, Voter Form 19 for Interested Teachers Fill up Voter Registration of Local Electoral Officers.

Know More

To the attention of aspirants who want to be a candidate in the MLC Vidhan Parishad elections:-

In the upcoming June 2024 Karnataka MLC (Vidhan Parishad) Election, individuals aspiring to contest in the Graduate and Teacher Constituencies are required to follow a specific procedure. They should download a Voter Recommendation Letter from the official website or mobile applications of the Uttama Prajaakeeya Party. As part of this process, they must adhere to the points mentioned in the Voter Recommendation Letter and obtain recommendation signatures from eligible graduate and teacher voters who are registered for the Graduates and Teachers Elections. Subsequently, candidates should submit the Vidhan Parishad Election Application form along with the necessary information and documents through the official website or mobile applications of the Uttama Prajaakeeya Party.

Apply as Candidate


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