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Karnataka Lok Sabha (MP) Elections 2024

To the attention of the aspirants who want to be a candidate in the Karnataka Loka Sabha (MP) Elections:-

Individuals aspiring to contest in the upcoming Karnataka Lok Sabha Elections 2024 need to follow a specific procedure. They should download the voter recommendation letter from the official website or mobile apps of the Uttama Prajaakeeya party. As part of this process, they must adhere to the points mentioned in the Voter Recommendation Letter and obtain recommendation signatures from voters of their respective Lok Sabha constituencies. Then the candidates have to submit the Loka sabha (MP) Election Application form with necessary information and correct documents through the official website or mobile apps of the Uttama Prajaakeeya Party.

Voter Recommendation Letter

Karnataka Parliamentary Constituencies

Constituency NoConsitutency NameReservation
12Uttara Kannada
17Dakshina Kannada
23Bangalore Rural
24Bangalore North
25Bangalore central
26Bangalore South

Aspirants wishing to contest in upcoming Karnataka Lok Sabha Elections 2024 with a ticket from Uttama Prajaakeeya Party should download the voter's recommendation form from the Party's official website immediately and start meeting the voters of their constituency. They should explain the content of the form and take their signature of consent. This entire process should be video recorded along with pictures, the same has to be uploaded on the aspirants Facebook pages regularly. (Keep your Facebook account open to public). Then aspirant should login to the website of Uttama Prajaakeeya Party and link their Facebook account (Facebook link should be open for public view) and submit the application as a candidate aspirant for the elections.

Observe the following instructions carefully:-

  1. Aspirants who want to be a Utama Prajaka party candidate in Karnataka Loaka sabha elections should familiarize themselves with complete information about Loaka sabha elections
  2. Must be fully aware of and adhere to the principles of Prajaakeeya
  3. Adhere to all rules and norms of Uttama Prajaakeeya party
  4. A person is allowed to submit one election application and if more than one application is submitted, such applications will not be considered for any reason.
  5. All the information given in the election application should be adequate and all the documents should be correct - clear
  6. Self bear any necessary election related expenses as incurred for election
  7. Voter's signature & phone numbers must be compulsorily collected along with voter's recommendation letter (photo of signature collection should also be uploaded while applying
  8. Applications of such aspirants shall not be accepted or rejected if the aspirants are found to be involved in any activities contrary to public order and outside the good will of the public.

Note: A person is allowed to submit one election petition. If more than one application is submitted then such applications will not be considered.. So read all the details properly and keep proper and clear information while filling the Election application

Submit Candidate Application

For any information about Lok Sabha Elections, contact the Local Election Officers in the respective constituencies or visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer Karnataka. (Website link: https://ceo.karnataka.gov.in/ )